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Località Pineta
Pineta, Umbria, 06061



A year in Italy

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy."
Giuseppe Verdi

Have you ever considered a longer stay in Italy, to truly get to know the country, its people and the language? Make Podere Bello your home in Italy, be it for a month, a year or even longer. Special conditions apply for longterm rentals, naturally with all the amenities of a hotel service, if desired. 

Benefit from language courses here on the premises, learn to cook genuine, healthy, Italian dishes - you can even grow your own organic vegetables in your own garden.

For many people the thought of going abroad for a longer period of time seems challenging, as they fear being alone with a situation utterly different from home. At Podere Bello, however, you will find a situation that is tailored to your needs. Well in advance of your stay we will prepare everything in such a way that you will be able to establish a comfortable home here in Italy. And a situation that may have been seen as challenging or impossible to handle becomes a smooth and exciting adventure with all the comfort and assistance possible.